The Essosi culture

A Brief History

    This is great land of Essos. Essos history is unknown and has been on the "Known World" since the beginning of time. It is hard to say who found Essos but it used to be full of barbarians, although most had been civilized into city states and empires. There are nine "Free Cities" Braavos, Lorath, Lys, Myr, Norvos, Pentos, Qohor, Tyrosh, Volantis.

Languages of Essos

    Essos has many languages. The reason for this is that some have a unique sub-culture. one of the many languages is Valerian, but it is separated into high Valerian and low Valerian. High Valerian is used for people who have a education and are considered to be royal or elite. Low Valerian is used by peasants, farmers and commoners. Along with Valerian there is others like Dothraki which is spoken by the Dothraki, Qarth, Lhazar, Asshai'i.

Creative Expression

     The people of Essos are very creative people. The people of Essos gamble for fun, they have games just like poker but a little different. They also show their creativity by building grand monuments like the The Pyramids of Meereen which are huge pyramids in the city of Meereen with monuments on top contributed to their gods. Other monuments like The Titan of Braavos which is a large statue of a soldier standing hundreds of feet tall. The Titian is used to detect ships going through and it "screams" to warn the people of Braavos.

The Food of Essos

The food of Essos isn't that interest most eat bread and drink wine, but there is different kinds of bread with many flavors. Due to the poor riots and fights start in the streets for just a piece of bread! The Dothraki dried horse Jerky and stallion heart. Which is pretty self explanatory it is obliviously Jerky and a horse  heart. Essos food doesnt range from a wide variety,  but is definitely weird.

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