39 weeks in, 39 weeks out.

Happy nine months to Jack Kelly!

He's on a bit of an independent streak.

Here's to breaking even...

Popped out at 39 weeks, Jack has blasted through his first 39 weeks on Earth. He's a Usain Bolt-fast crawler with a knack for sprinting toward electronics he shouldn't touch. Don't even get him started on how much he loves the taste of power cords. But he loves standing even more. Jack stood on his own (for the first time) last week. Walking, to the dismay of his parents, is just too imminent.

Jack is a skilled dancer who tends toward fast punk and anything with a hard beat. His favorite song is Peg + Cat. Master of the mashup, Jack spends hours each day mixing push-button jams on the standing music table Auntie B gave him for Christmas. All that tailfeather-shaking has earned him the title DJ Wigglebutt.

Jack's other merit badges include (but aren't limited to):

  • First word: da-da, of course.
  • Won his own room.
  • Eats baby food + has no clue he shouldn't dig veggies so much.
  • Waves hi.
  • Waves bye and says "ba-ba!"
  • Peek-a-boo champion.
  • Loves chorizo-stuffed acorn squash.
  • Four teeth in, three on the way.
  • Knows his name.
  • Understands the word "no." Well, it gives him pause.
  • Totally gets FaceTime with grandma + grampie.

Best moments in @clevelandbaby:

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