Wonder Character In The Spotlight:August


  • Sadness I think best describes August. I think it describes him because this whole book basically is about his whole 5th grade experience being sad and is about him growing up. People would always call him names and look at him like he was a different kid than them and not as ''good'' as them. Also in the book August's dog Daisy dies tragically one night and he cry's himself to sleep that is just one example of why I think Sadness best describes August.

Character Influences

I think August had the most impact on Jack because he came into his life  and made it an adventure with Summer and Julian and Mr. Tushman at Beecher Prep I think that Jack impacted August's life a lot  because he and August both helped each other so much in the story.

Art Representation

My painting is The Scream by Edvard Munch. I chose this painting because it reminds me of my character August.I think this painting represents August because in the painting it shows a rather ugly man screaming.In the backround there is two men looking at him like he is different.At the beginning of wonder when August gos to school for the first time everyone's looking at him like is different

Character Analysis Video Report