Jackson Waller


Today is the first day of the camp and me and my brother are working on these robot called finches.


Today we worked with squishy circuit and made a dragon but we wonted to make a car.We could not make a car because there was no more play doh.These are the people I worked with Kingston,Yasser,Jordan.


Today we went to several stations. Such as, making makey makey  we made controls to the computer to play games also soldering on the LED lights to robots and last we worked on ardiuno and we made circuit which was real fun! Also we went on 123 and  made circuit on the computer


Today we tried to make a bubble bot machine that failed.The plastic cup parts  that were the fan parts sucked in the bubbles so it did not work.The part that I worked on was building the fan part.


Today I made a batman symbol with LED lights on the wings of it.Also we wrote down the projects for next week.The project I am doing is BMO.

day 6

To day Yasser and I made a makey makey.We  drew darkai for are makey makey. Also we made a Eye-catcher that worked well.

day 7

Today I started on my project witch was a BMO from Adventure Time.My BMO needed to be 3D printed ,but it did not print as I wanted it was to small for the screen.So we tried 4 times.Brad tried to work with the  gemma, but it did not work.So Brad and I are going to complete it the next day.


Today I am working on BMO and he has turned out O.K,but he is not complete.My partner Brad said it will be completed tomorrow.Also we did not get to put the button on BMO also I had to carve out the screen  to fit the 8 by 8 screen.I am ready  for tomorrow.


Today I completed BMO and he/she is working well.It took a while,but it is finally complete.