The Jackson 5

and their story...

       The Jackson 5's story starts in a small town in Gary, Indiana with Jackie (born on May 4,1951) Tito (born on October 15, 1953), and Jermaine (born on December 11, 1954). They were the first three siblings but were later joined by Marlon (born on March 12, 1957) and Michael (born on August 29,1958).

       The five of these talented young children went to Gary High School. During their early years they entered a school talent show. They were to compete against their classmates and other people in their school by singing as The Jackson 5. After winning, their father Joe was so impressed on how well they did and brought them to different cities to widen their appeal. There were many people that inspired them, but the main ones were The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Smokey Robinson who came up with one of their hit songs "Who's Loving You". That's when lots of people around the world started noticing them.

       Michael said his father was a bully who emotionally and physically abused him and his brothers. He told a story about how his father would come in through the window at night with a scary mask on and scare them. The lesson that he was teaching, was to never leave the window open at night. Joe would sometimes even whip them if they misbehaved, and used extreme name calling. Although they did credit their father for his strict discipline which was a huge part of their success.

      From the age of five, Michael's talent including his dancing and stage presentation caused him to become the focus of the group.  The Jackson 5 eventually broke up in 1976. The Jackson 5 never really broke up, but the members of the family started to go out into their own musical careers. They stopped recording together but they continued to perform together into the 1980s, until Michael chose to start his own career as a solo artist.

Jackson 5 Trivia

First hit single...

       Smokey Robinson came up with this song for the Jackson 5. The Miracles originally recorded this song in 1960. This was their first live performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Second hit song...

       Michael Jackson was the lead singer in this song. He was 11 years old at the time. The original title was supposed to be, "I Want To Be Free." But then changed it to "I Want You Back" to make it more of a love song.

Third hit song...

       This song became the Jackson 5's second number one hit single. It knocked out the Beatles hit song, "Let it be". According to their co-writter Freddie Perren, this was the chorus of their other hit single, "I Want You Back".

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