Wonder Character in the Spotlight:

Beautiful on the Inside Just Like August


Part One:
Character Tie to Theme

I think that the theme that impacted August the most was courage. I think it is courage because he is faced with many challenges where he has to stand up to someone or something. An example of that would be the time he stood up to Eddie. This took a lot of courage because Eddie was bullying him about his face. He stood up to him and told him that they were way smaller than him. Another time was when he had to stand up to Jullian. When they got mean notes August and Jack sent some back ,but they really weren't mean they were sarcastic (Jack is August's friend who helps him through school). Through the tough times August learns that courage is not something that comes easily. He learns that courage has to be found deep within you. He also learns that to find it you need someone to have your back like a friend or a family member to help you find it easier ,because if someone is there for you it makes it easier to look for that sense of courage.

Part Two:
Character Influences

I think that the character that influenced August the most was Summer. I think she influenced him the most because she gave him self asteem. I think she influenced him by telling him the truth. An example of her giving him a self asteem that was when she sat down with him at lunch on the first day. An example of her being honest with him was when he asked her if she wanted to leave the table and she said "no".The relationship between Summer and August is strong. He helps her by telling her to be herself ,and she helps him by sitting and talking with him like he is a normal person.

I think that the character August influenced the most was Jack. I think he influenced him , because he taught Jack how to stand up for other people. An example of that would be when Jack punches Jullian (the bully) in the jaw for calling August a freak. The relation ship between Jack and August is also strong. August helps Jack by helping him stand up to Julian ,and Jack helps August by helping him through school.

Part Three
Art Representation

I chose the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci because the eyes follow you. In the book August is always getting stared at. For example in the text he said "I know they stare at me, but I pretend not to notice," I also chose it because this is a very famous painting and once you get past the creepiness of it staring at you it really is a beautiful painting. Like August, "once you get past his face it really isn't that bad," Quoted from Jack.

Part Four
Video Explanation

This is where I will tell you the impact he made on me.

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