Always on the move: 18 months, 18 GIFs

Jack Kelly makes it official. He's a toddler now.

0-6 months:

Highlights from Jack's first one-third of life include birth, meeting family and friends, Indians in the post-season (albeit briefly), guaranteeing a Browns Super Bowl win (albeit incorrectly), bathtime and a plane ride to San Diego to visit Grandma and Grampie.

6-12 months:

And he's off! Standing, crawling, walking, talking, running, kicking, throwing, hamming. His first real summer was spent mostly outside, plenty of it on his trike.

12-15 months:

Totally into trying new things now, like hats, long walks home from breakfast, heckling passers-by from park benches and pulling off the ultimate slam dunk.

15-18 months:

Now, he's all business. Soccer drills, big-kid rides at Mapleside Farms, drumming gigs and workin' it as the official spokesbaby for Mason's Creamery.

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3 years ago

Happiest of year and a half birthdays Jack! Keep on rockin' into your Terrible Twos ;)