Help Wanted : Physicist

Summary: Physicist’s discover the things we observe every day.

Develop theories and laws on the basis of observation and experiments, and apply these theories and laws to problems in areas such as nuclear energy, optics, and aerospace technology.

Demands of the job: Physics — Knowledge and prediction of physical principles, laws, their interrelationships, and applications to understanding fluid, material, and atmospheric dynamics, and mechanical, electrical, atomic and sub- atomic structures and processes. Mathematics — Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications.

Work interest: Math and Science

BasicSkills: Physics, Mathematics, English Language, Engineering, Computers and Electronics and Technology,

Minimum education level: Four years in college

Salary information: $52.94 hourly, $110,110 annually salary

Growth potential: Good, because as technology grows more things need to be figured out.

Contact Information:                Jacob Byant

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