Jacob Hensley Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia was a very advanced civilization. The ancient Mesopotamians invented several things we use today. Such as the wheel, systems of writing, organized religion, government, infrastructure, art, and more. The word Mesopotamia means "between two rivers" in Greek. Mesopotamia is between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.


The Ancient Mesopotamians had lots of buildings in their cities. These buildings are called infrastructure. Infrastructure is buildings made by the government for the better of the city.In this picture, you can see a ziggurat(or temple), huge walls around the city. A bridge over the river, places for  to dock, and more. Infrastructure is necessary for a civilization the work. It is one of the 8 characteristics of civilization.


Ancient Mesopotamia had the first set of written laws. These laws were called Hammurabi's Code. These laws stated that if a man broke another man's bone, his bone shall be broken. So if you do a crime, you get the same punishment. In my opinion  wasn't the best system of law, but it was what they used.

Mesopotamian Inventions

The Mesopotamians invented many things. They invented the wheel for instance. Where would we be without the wheel? They also invented the plow. We couldn't farm today without the plow. They invented Cuneiform, which was the first system of writing. We couldn't read this if they didn't invent writing. They were the first to really care about how things looked. Since they had food surpluses, they could make art, because they didn't have to worry about farming.


The ancient Mesopotamians belived in many gods. This form of religion was known as polytheism. Polytheism was the worship of many gods. One of their gods was Inanna, the goddess of love and war. She is in the Epic of Gilgamesh. ShefellinlovewithGilgamesh, buthebrushedheroff.Soshesentabulltramplethecity. They worshipped their gods inziggurats, orlargetemples. ThegodsinfluencedthelifeoftheMesopotamiansgreatly