Jacob Ranson


        Mesopotamia was the first civilization about 6,000 years ago. This area of fertile soil was the hot spot for farming because Mesopotamia lies between the Tigris and Euphrates. So to start out this civilization, everybody farmed for a living to grow food to survive. However once people got a good idea how easy it was to farm in Mesopotamia with the irrigated land, and the rich, fertile soil. They realized,"Hey this is going to be an easy farm!". So food began to surplus due to lots of agriculture. Once there was so much food people were free to do whatever they desire. Which led to job specialization among the people of Mesopotamia. Development of Mesopotamia had a lot to do with the agricultural revolution.

        With this freedom some people decided to come up with a system of writing. This system of writing was called cuneiform. Instead of using paper and pencil people used sharp tools called styluses. They wrote on clay tablets with these styluses. Cuneiform was a type of writing that used pictographs [pictures, or symbols]. These symbols could represent an object, syllable of a word, or basic parts of words. The government would often hire scribes [people who could read and write] to keep records.

        At one point in ancient Mesopotamian history, Mesopotamia was let by a brilliant ruler named Hammurabi. Hammurabi decided that the land he was ruling need a set of rules to keep Mesopotamia in shape and organized. The set of laws he came up with were called Hammurabi's code. Hammurabi's code was a set of 282 laws. These laws had to do with a part of these citizens daily lives. They dealt with crime, injuries, and much more. Some ideas of these laws still stand today. Hammurabi was a great ruler and Mesopotamia was a great area. I think all of these aspects of Mesopotamian life prove that Mesopotamia was truly an  advanced civilization.