Jacob Chavez                                                                                                  Mr.Goulette 2nd Period


Campus History and Origin

Los Angeles was a rough-and-tumble frontier town in the early 1870s, when a group of public-spirited citizens led by Judge Robert Maclay Widney first dreamed of establishing a university in the region.

It took nearly a decade for this vision to become a reality, but in 1879 Widney formed a board of trustees and secured a donation of 308 lots of land from three prominent members of the community – Ozro W. Childs, a Protestant horticulturist; former California governor John G. Downey, an Irish-Catholic pharmacist and businessman; and Isaias W. Hellman, a German-Jewish banker and philanthropist.

The gift provided land for a campus as well as a source of endowment, the seeds of financial support for the nascent institution.

When USC first opened its doors to 53 students and 10 teachers in 1880, the “city” still lacked paved streets, electric lights, telephones and a reliable fire alarm system. Today, USC is home to more than 41,000 students and nearly 3,800 full-time faculty, and is located in the heart of one of the biggest metropolises in the world.

Fight Song


Fight On for ol' SC

Our men Fight On to victory.
Our Alma Mater dear,
looks up to you
Fight On and win
For ol' SC
Fight On to victory

Fight On!

Admission Requirements

Admissions Data (2013):

  • Percent of Applicants Admitted: 18%
  • Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
    • SAT Critical Reading: 620/720
    • SAT Math: 660/760
    • SAT Writing: 640/750
    • ACT Composite: 29/33
    • ACT English: 28/34
    • ACT Math: 29/34

Costs and Tuition

Cost of Attendance ----                                                        $64,694

Tuition and Fees -------                                                        $48,280

Room and Board ------                                                         $13,334

Books and Supplies ---                                                        $1,500

Other Expenses -------                                                         $1,580

Payment Plans --------                                                          Credit card, installment plan

Total ---------------------                                                         $129,388

Campus Life: Springfest


Springfest is one of the many unique concerts held at the University of Southern California by the USC Concert Committee, showing performances by famous artists such as 2 chainz, Borns and Diplo. Even being a free concert, there is no reason to miss out!

Degree Plan: Industrial Engineering

Requirements for Degree

Major Core:

All areas require a grade C or higher to receive Degree

COMPOSITION/WRITING REQUIREMENT                                                     UNITS:

WRIT 150*       Writing and Critical Reasoning — Thematic Approaches                4       WRIT 340        Advanced Writing                                                                        3

GENERAL EDUCATION                                                                               UNITS:

General education*  +                                                                                          20

PRE-MAJOR REQUIREMENTS                                                                     UNITS:

Math Requirement                                                                                                         MATH 125             Calculus I                                                                                 4         MATH 126             Calculus II                                                                                4         MATH 225             Linear Algebra and Linear Differential Equations                         4         MATH 226             Calculus III                                                                               4

Physics Requirement                                                                                              PHYS 151L**       Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics      4      PHYS 152L          Fundamentals of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism                4

Chemistry Elective                                                                                                 CHEM 105aL      General Chemistry, or                                                                             CHEM 115aL      Advanced General Chemistry, or                                                             MASC 110L        Materials Science                                                                     4

Economics Requirement                                                                                         ECON 203          Principles of Microeconomics                                                   

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS                                                                           UNITS:            Business                                                                                                                ACCT 410x          Foundations of Accounting                                                       4

Engineering                                                                                                            ENGR 102            Engineering Freshman Academy                                             2

Electrical Engineering                                                                                               AME 341a           Mechnoptonics Laboratory I, or                                                               3EE 326L***        Essentials of Electrical Engineering                                         4

Computer Science                                                                                                   CSCI 101L           Fundamentals of Computer Programming                                3         ISE 382               Database Systems: Concepts, Design and Implementation        3

Industrial and Systems Engineering                                                                               ISE 105                 Introduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering                  2             ISE 220                 Probability Concepts in Engineering                                       3       ISE 225                 Engineering Statistics I                                                         3       ISE 232L               Manufacturing Processes                                                      3           ISE 310L               Production I: Facilities and Logistics                                      4      ISE 330                 Introduction to Operations Research I                                    3         ISE 331                 Introduction to Operations Research II                                   3       ISE 370L               Human Factors in Work Design                                             4       ISE 410                 Production II: Planning and Scheduling                                 3           ISE 426                Statistical Quality Control                                                       3          ISE 435                Discrete Systems Simulation                                                 3         ISE 440                Work, Technology, and Organization                                      3         ISE 460                Engineering Economy                                                          3           ISE 495abx           Senior Design Project                                                         2-2

MAJOR ELECTIVES                                                                                     UNITS:          Approved engineering electives***                                                                       3            Free electives                                                                                                    7         Total units:                                                                                                      128      

*GE Category VI is taken concurrently with WRIT 150.                                              **GE Category III is fulfilled by PHYS/CHEM requirement.                                      ***Students selecting EE 326 are only required to complete 2 units of approved engineering elective.+The university allows engineering majors to replace the GE Category IV with a second course in Categories I, II or VI.

Persuasive Essay

In multiple instances, students are given scholarships but unfortunately take this given opportunity for granted. However, these individuals do not understand the true value of education as I do. As different interests are thrown at individuals throughout their lifetime, some begin to loose track on what is really important and what must be done not only for an extremely short, temporary time but also for the distant future. Undeniably, I understand this principle because of my preparatory actions in order to attend the University of my choice but all important decisions must come with a price, this being money in order to attend my chosen University. Definitely, I will be the best candidate for this scholarship because I will not abuse this money given to me and I will be a beneficial representative for other candidates as well as this scholarship.

Indeed, this money is not given to any student but can still be abused by any individual with the intentions of self indulgence on temporary materials. These materials are unnecessary and will not benefit any individual in the future, but knowledge will be with any person forever. Likewise, scholarships are used to pay for the necessary education of those who work extremely rigorously for this reward of a better education such as I. Other problems may arise, such as those uncaring students who fail classes due to their own personal choice of laziness and are uncommitted to their studies as well as work. In contrast, I am not that student and take pride in my education as well as serious dedication in my work. Correspondingly, I am academically ready as I participate in rigorous programs such as the International Baccalaureate and the National Honor Society which in order to join and continue in the program one must be involved in service as well as school. Consisting of high standards, these programs only allow those willing to participate on their own will, showing that I am trustworthy enough to handle tasks, serious about learning through my education as my commendable grades reflect, and am a hard worker in mind, spirit and body. For this reason, it is apparent that I am trustworthy enough that I will in no way abuse this great reward dedicated to a greater education.

Apparently, for my present and future achievements, dedication to education and serving personality towards others, if chosen I will not only be benefited by receiving this rewarding scholarship but also in result reflect the standards of such a prodigious scholarship. If chosen, others will see me as an example of what it takes to earn such a difficult reward and continue on the path to achieving this goal. Equally, other candidates that share the same standards and academic successes will reflect greater on the incoming generation thirsting for knowledge as I have. Other hardworking students who also strive to achieve this goal of earning such an honorable scholarship will also need to live up to these requirements, and those who succeed and do in fact receive this honorable reward will also be represented as its previous receivers had worked so intensively, and now the newer generation will be walking in the same shoes as other great men and women.

Given these points, it is evident that I am the most qualified candidate for this scholarship, for multiple excellent reasons. I guarantee I will not be a disappointment with your money and if I qualify I will represent this scholarship exceptionally. It is with much gratitude for allowing me to apply for this grand reward and I hope that you see me as a trustworthy, serving and successful young individual.

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I solidly recommend Mr. Jacob Chavez for your opening position of your architectural design for the hospital. I have known Mr. Chavez for a span of several years and without a doubt he would be very suited for this placement. Being his engineering teacher, I have observed that he is an outstanding scholar, good with his hands, a perfect puzzle solver, and most importantly a person with an unforgettable character.

Mr. Chavez has taken an engineering class every year throughout his high school career and his work proves that he is a qualifying contestant for your architectural designer. Another thing he has been apart of is the Gifted and Talented program. Through this program he has built a string of interesting structures, competed them against local schools and has placed in top three. I have been lucky to witness his phenomenal work with his crafty skills and it has surely left me in shock. He plans to put his capability to good use and improve our world for generations to come.

It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Chavez and undoubtedly it will be for you. By the way he strives to perfect his skills and makes sure the arrangement works, he will positively enhance the hospital’s construction and elevate its work progress. This is a perfect fit for Mr. Jacob Chavez and for any concerns please contact me by phone (915)-500-3095 or by email ajimen04@student.sisd.net, Thank you for your time.


Aureleah Jimenez

Engineering Teacher

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy



Cover Letter

Good evening Madison,

I am applying for the position of Architectural Designer at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

As previously discussed I am currently pursuing my goal of achieving a Doctorate degree of Architectural Design through intensive academic programs as well as achieve the necessary utilities in order to achieve such a goal, such as scholarships. In order to succeed, I have participated and am currently participating in certain various programs in order to gain the experience needed for my career choice of Architectural Design, such as Project Lead the Way, the National Honor Society and the International Baccalaureate program, just to name a few. As you may know, none of these courses and programs are easily accessible, nor are they able to be accomplished by anyone. Obviously, these challenges and responsibilities have allowed me to gain the skills used in communication, well developed reports, elegant presentation skills and producing excellent work before the deadline.

Noticeably, Architecture plays a crucial part in the world, as this can be seen at all perspectives and encompasses the human population. I believe to be a worthy candidate for this intriguing position at the Texas Children’s Hospital and hope that you will grant me the opportunity to prove myself to you.


Jacob I Chavez

11764 Balladeer Ave

El Paso, TX 79936




                                                                                                                                      Jacob Chavez

11467 Pearl Rd

(915) 784-4534



Hard-working Innovator eager in obtaining an Engineering position for the Texas Children’s Hospital which will allow me to grow in knowledge, creative collaboration and communication skills and exercise my innovative engineering.


2010-2013 SISD, El Dorado High School

Introduction to Engineering PLTW / Instructor


   Teaching students in class

  • Oversaw, taught and assisted students in learning the Project Lead the Way programs as well as Engineering techniques used in the field. Helped students understand future work experience through digital programs such as Inventor.

   El Dorado High School Weights Coach

  • Aided and supported students as well as taught students body-building techniques to keep in shape.


  • Extremely quick learner
  • Advanced Understanding of Engineering technology, techniques and programs
  • Creative ideas implied to working style
  • Collaborative thinker
  • Self-motivated and Dedicated
  • Mentor to amateur engineers newer to the field
  • Experienced with rigorous educational programs
  • physical strength


   H.S. Diploma

       El Dorado High School

       Top 10%

       Gifted and Talented Program

       National Honor Society

       International Baccalaureate Graduate

   Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

       University of Southern California                                                                GPA: 3.91


1. Aureleah Jimenez

Title: El Paso City Coroner

Company: El Paso Government

Phone #: (915)-500-3095

Email: ajimen04@student.sisd.net

2. Aaron Goulette

Title: Pebble Hills High School English and Literature Teacher

Company: Socorro Independent School District

Phone #: (915) 487-7734

Email: agoule01@sisd.net

College Advertisement

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