My Life

September 2014

My name is Jacob Vega. My favorite class at school this year (2014-15) is Graphic Design and Illustration. Sometimes, I use my username, wizboss ten nineteen. Above is a picture of my Minecraft character. I occasionally post gaming videos on my YouTube Channel.

Journal Entry:

9/01/14 The most interesting thing that has happened so far this year, was at band. It was a football game against Weslaco. At the beginning of 2nd quarter, we had to get the keyboards. A key broke in half while inside the lock. We ended up standing to the side. Below is last year's Pigskin performance (2013)

9/04/14 I selected this tutorial because I'd like to change backgrounds on pictures. Changing the background seems interesting to me. There are a lot of ways it could come in handy.

9/08/14  They following is a list of things I hope to gain from this class:

-Learn to Photoshop easily        -Learn how to code           -Learn how to make logos easily

-Learn how make desktop wallpapers         -Learn how to restore old images.


-Change the sky of landscape.

-make landscape look darker, or a different color

-make a clipping mask of a shape from an image.

October 2014


Who- Celebrated by Mexico and large Hispanic population

What- "Dia de los Muertos" is Spanish for "Day of the dead"

When- Dia de los Muertos is celebrated November 2nd

Where- Mainly, Mexico and very Southwest USA.

Why- Dia de los Muertos is celebrated to remember deceased loved ones.


The color theory is a body of guidance to mixing colors and also the visual effects of the combination. A color wheel is a circle with different areas for each color to mix. A color scheme is an arrangement of colors. A color scheme is important because it helps you remember a place for example, red & yellow, you'd think McDonald's.

November 2014


I am thankful for  a lot of things. The following are some of them. I am thankful for having good friends. I am thankful for having a good house. I am thankful for having great teachers. I am thankful for being a part in this year's marching band show. I am thankful for having good parents. I am thankful for my knowledge of computers. I am thankful for being able to go to a good school. These are the things I am thankful for.

December 2014


I did help my brother over the Thanksgiving break. I helped my brother with his new headphones for his computer. The computer wasn't scanning the headphones. I fixed it, but then the microphone wasn't working. I was able to get both working.


An info-graphic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. Info-graphics are commonly used in newspapers to show weather, maps, graphs on statistical information. Info-graphics should show data, present many numbers in a small space, and make large data sets coherent.

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