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Involving Children in Meal Preparation

About Jacquelyn D. Kirkland

An avid cook, Jacquelyn D. Kirkland began pursuing her passion for food preparation at a young age. As a child, she enjoyed reading recipes and lending a hand in preparing Sunday dinners. On Saturdays, Jacquelyn D. Kirkland's family attended the local farmer's market to buy farm fresh eggs and vegetables. These experiences taught her which produce was in season and which was not. Following the farmer's market, her family routinely visited the butcher or fishmonger to acquire protein for the coming Sunday meal. Once the family returned home, they worked on mastering a new recipe with the ingredients they had acquired.

Since then, Jacquelyn Kirkland has channeled these childhood lessons in mastering recipes into her love of French and Cajun cuisine. When preparing one of her favorite dishes, a gumbo recipe written by Paul Prudhomme, she enjoys the complexity of the roux and the way it interacts with the overall gumbo flavor. After completing the gumbo, Jacquelyn Kirkland takes pleasure in seeing that she has successfully met the challenge of a particularly difficult dish.

How to Preserve the Nutritional Content of Vegetables

With a passion for gourmet cuisine, Jacquelyn D. Kirkland continually strives to learn how to make new dishes. While studying the techniques of some of the most famous chefs, Jacquelyn D. Kirkland has learned a variety of methods for making the most out of ingredients.

In order to retain more of the nutrients found in the fruits and vegetables you prepare, the main rule is to cook vegetables for as short a time as possible, at as low a temperature as possible, and with the least amount of liquid possible. Steaming vegetables, particularly in the microwave, is one of the best ways to preserve vital nutrients, like vitamin C.

Roasting vegetables in the oven is another good way to preserve their nutritional value. When sautéing vegetables in oil, choose a heart-healthy variety like coconut, olive, or canola oil. Instead of salt, introduce garlic and a variety of spices to enhance flavor.

Delicious Alternatives to Cooking with Traditional Noodles

Jacquelyn D. Kirkland’s love for cooking began in the family kitchen as soon as she could read recipes. Inspiring people to live better while eating delicious foods, Jacquelyn D. Kirkland is incorporating healthier ingredients into her recipes while still creating appetizing meals.

Alternatives to cooking with old-fashioned pasta noodles are endorsed by healthcare clinicians to limit carbohydrate intake and gluten consumption. One common substitute to using traditional flour-based ingredients is spaghetti squash. Easy to cook, the flesh of the squash naturally separates into noodle-like strands and boasts vitamins A, C, and B6. The vegetable’s antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin, protects eyes from age-related diseases such as cataracts.

Cucumber noodles can enhance ordinary pasta dishes into savory meals. Two cups of cucumbers and a simple kitchen tool like a spiralizer only adds 30 calories to an entire dish and is an excellent source of potassium, which lowers blood pressure.

Soba noodles, made from the wheat-free grain buckwheat, offer a complete source of essential amino acids. In addition to the anti-inflammatory flavonoid quercitin, soba noodles contain rutin, which also helps to strengthen blood vessels.

Cooking at Home Prevents Food Poisoning and Allergens

Jacquelyn D. Kirkland makes time to practice many different hobbies, such as yoga and photography. A favorite creative hobby that Jacquelyn D. Kirkland enjoys is cooking.

Cooking at home is not only a healthful alternative to eating out, but it can also be safer. With the Centers for Disease Control stating that every one in six Americans is affected by food poisoning, cooking at home can provide assurance that one’s food has been properly stored and prepared.

For individuals who are sensitive to how their meat is cooked (for example, wanting well-done instead of rare meat), having cooking skills can help ensure everything is made their liking. Dealing with issues such as food that has been sitting for a long time is not an issue when cooking at home, since individuals can avoid taking food out until they are ready to cook it. For those who have additional issues, such as allergies to nuts, diary, or other foods, knowing how to prepare their own meals offers additional safety.

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