Brielle's Flowers

Is located on Baylor campus and we sell thousands of flowers for all occasions.

Join us In this magical flower journey!

Whether you're trying to surprise a loved one, or impress your favorite teacher, we have everything you'll need for that special occasion!

We our located on the corner of happy and friendly!

Call us for any information you might need! 254-666-6699

This lovely round arrangement will be perfect for spring!! Show your loved one that you truly care for a price of only $62.99.

Well look what we have here! A bit of sunshine!! Impress the butts off your teachers with this perfect kiss-up symmetrical flower arrangement! If your looking for the perfect chance to become a teachers pet, then here's your chance for a price of only $69.99.

This assymetrical flower arrangement is perfect to place in your dorm and border your favorite pictures or awards! For a price of only $64.99!

This crescent arrangement sets the perfect mood for that one professor that needs a little cheating up!! For a price of only $54.89!

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