spartans VS Athenians


The city state "Athens was a walled state by the sea." (283) In side the walls, the  talented masters of pottery and scalpters were over come by there effort in there work shops.  Rich Athenians accompanied by there slaves. Wandered  through the open air markets.


Athens is home to our democracy. The " became a democracy around 500 B.C.E." But un like current democracys, Athens only let free men take part in citizenship. Athenian sired men above 18 years of age were "considered Athenian citizens". Femails and slaves were not aloud to citizenship. A group called the council of 500 met every day to discussed the chosen topic.


Sparta is "located in a fertil forming area on a inland plane" Spartan style is simple and plane compared to Athens. And unlike Athens Spartan life is bassed on military training


Sparta was a oligarchy, and unlike Athens there were only a few people of power. Sparta's leadership along with there society "was dedicated to military power".  Sparta had the best "military in the Mediterranean until around "370 B.C.E".  In portent economical decisions were made by a small group called "The Council of Elders."  To be apart of the council you had to be at least 60 years of age and from a noble family once joined you surved for life.  


Compared to the simple lifestyle of the Spartan people, Athenians had a very modern and open outlook. Unlike Sparta, in Athens, boys were not forced to join the army. As an Athenian, one could get a good education and could pursue several kinds of arts and sciences. On the other hand Spartan people were not that open to education and pretty much just concentrated on military strength and obedience. Spartan people were not that fond of the out side world  unlike the Athenian people. On average about 140,000 people lived in Athens while only 100,000 people lived in Sparta. Sparta was the descendent of the Dorian invaders were as the athens were the decendentof of Ioha. Sadly Athens did not offer Athenian girls education and citecenship how ever Sparta did. The Spartans were mostly dependent on agriculture while the Athens depended on trade and agriculture.  What Sparta didn't grow they stole from neighboring city states.

Below this is a Athenian diet and above is a spartan diet

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