Jacob Newberger

Automation Validation Engineer Jacob Newberger

About Jacob Newberger

Jacob Newberger, a mechanical engineer based in the Philadelphia area, combines his interests in medical technology and mechanical engineering in his role as an automation validation engineer with pharmaceutical manufacturing firm Panacea Technologies, Inc. His duties in this position include the development and startup of a variety of data acquisition and automatic control systems. Jacob Newberger brings a number of skills to this position, including proficiencies in AutoCAD, NI MultiSim, SolidWorks, MatLab, Simulink, and Arduino. Jacob Newberger holds a BS in mechanical engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

Early in his career, Jacob Newberger interned at Prototype Productions, where he assisted with the design of surgical simulators incorporating tactile feedback technology. Jacob Newberger went on to serve as a medical assistant with the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center, then as an installer and programmer with AV Divine before joining Panacea Technologies in 2011. He also tutored students in math, physics, and chemistry while attending The Pennsylvania State University as the founder and operator of the Need a Tutor? private tutoring service.

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