Model Of Our Ocean Floor

By Izzy Costa

This box is a way of showing how the ocean floor is modeled. We had to set out and explain why the oldest continental crust is 4 byo while sea floor (or ocean crust) is only 200 myo. We had said that when the oceanic crust breaks over and makes another crust. the reason why the seafloor is younger than the continental crust is because when the old seafloor is melted over, it breaks and makes another over it.

Top of our box

As you can see this is the top of our box, the blue represents as the plate tectonics. The green piece of cardboard moves in and throughout the subduction zones. (The brown pieces) When the sea floor moves volcanoes and earthquakes tend to happen. When the earthquakes and earthquakes happen, the plants and animals need to find a new home. Therefore, the animals and plants do not live where they used to. The weather and the continents change overtime as well. When the continents move that is what makes the weather change.   

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