Jamal Daniel

An Executive Active in News Media

About Jamal Daniel

An experienced businessman, Jamal Daniel founded a website dedicated to providing fresh perspectives on the Middle East. Called Al-Monitor, the news outlet received high marks from media stakeholders less than a year following its establishment. For instance, the Washington Post commented that the digital provider represents an “invaluable” source for Middle Eastern news. In addition to engaging with the journalistic world, Jamal Daniel serves as president of Crest Investment Company in Houston, Texas.
Complementing his business roles, Jamal Daniel created The Levant Foundation. The philanthropic organization seeks to spread knowledge concerning Levant and Middle Eastern culture as seen through the lens of three major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Among its many achievements, the nonprofit played a key role in launching the Foundation for Inter-religious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue. Further, The Levant Foundation provided the funds necessary for the University of Texas Press to publish scholarly books on issues related to the Levant and the aforementioned religions. Mr. Daniel no longer serves The Levant Foundation as a board member, but he remains a principal benefactor.

Al Monitor Awarded IPI Free Media Award

With more than 30 years of experience managing investments in manufacturing, energy, technology, and real estate, Jamal Daniel is Chairman of Crest Investment Company, headquartered in Houston, Texas. With a sustained interest the Levant region, Jamal Daniel is the publisher of news and commentary website al-monitor.com, which has been awarded the International Press Institute (IPI) Free Media Pioneer Award.

The IPI Free Media Pioneer Award was established in 1996 to honor media companies or organizations that have fought to ensure press freedom in the countries in which they operate. The award is presented annually to distinguished organizations in the struggle for free and independent news coverage.

In 2014, Al-Monitor was honored with the IPI Award for its unrivaled coverage of the Middle East region during a time of particular socio-political upheaval. It was credited with providing daily coverage and analysis of the complex region in an introspective and independent way.

Al-Monitor was also recognized for its achievements as a news organization independently covering a region with many serious restrictions on the freedom of the press.

Established in 2012, Al-Monitor provides analysis and reports from experienced journalists and experts across the Middle East, with a sharp focus on Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Palestine, and Turkey.

Notable Accomplishments of the Levant Foundation

A graduate of the University of Texas, Syrian-born Jamal Daniel serves as Chairman of Crest Investment Company and Founder of the Levant Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Houston, Texas. The foundation aims to increase knowledge and research of Levantine culture, religion, and history.

Since its establishment, the Levant Foundation has propelled noteworthy accomplishments in the field of academia. In 1999, the foundation cofounded the Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue (FIIRD) with the University of Geneva in Switzerland. FIIRD subsequently established a humanistic academic program to explore the connections between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Additionally, in expounding this theme of interconnectedness, FIIRD published the three Holy Books (the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Qur’an) in their original languages and in chronological order.

Most recently, the Levant Foundation sponsored an academic grant at Georgetown University. The Jamal Daniel Fund for the Study of the Levant offered scholarships to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting professors at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service

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