Giant Panda

By: Madison Neer and  James Vargas
6th Period

Basic Description

The Giant Panda is black and white. The Giant Panda is basically just a normal panda only it's fatter and taller.

Where they live

Giant Panda's live in Montane Forest's that are located in China which is located in Asia


The Giant Panda only eats bamboo because that is all that it is used to. To me this was a very interesting facts.This is one of the reasons that the Giant Panda is endangered.

What eats it

When I was looking this up I realized that the Giant Panda doesn't get eaten by anything even though it lives in a Forest.

Why is it Endangered?

The Giant Panda is endangered for two reasons. Reason number one is because there are a lot of restricted and degraded habitats. The other reason is because they strictly eat bamboo.

Level of Endangerment

The Giant Panda is in the normal endangered phase. If we help the giant panda then we will stop keep risking putting them in another phase of endangerment. Help us help the giant panda species.