James Viola Leominster MA

Sales Representative in Leominster, MA

About James Viola Leominster MA

Throughout his career in the field of sales, James Viola has acquired a wealth of experience in the automotive sector. He is currently employed at Airport Auto Parts in Leominster, MA, where he sells a wide range of automobile parts and extended warranties. In addition to providing top-quality customer service and brokering specific parts to customers, James Viola coordinated the part removal process on damaged vehicles and ensured prompt delivery of all products sold. He also arranged national small part deliveries and handled freight logistics.

He also spent several years as an inside sales representative with Green-Leaf Auto Parts in Leominster, MA. In this capacity, he developed long-lasting relationships with clients and sold several types of extended warranties and new parts.

Viola holds a master of business administration from Western New England College in Springfield, MA.

An Introduction to Automotive Belts

James Viola served as a sales representative with ET Cote Auto Parts in Leominster, Massachusetts (MA). In this role, James Viola leverages his strong interest in cars to help owners in Leominster, MA, to find the appropriate replacement components for their vehicles.

Most cars have two primary belts that may be in need of replacement. The most important is the timing belt, which is driven by the engine's crankshaft and turns the nearby camshaft. This mechanism in turn enables the engine's valves to move in sync with pistons.

If the timing belt breaks, one of two things happens. Either the pistons will stop working and the engine will stop, without harm to the engine, or the pistons and valves will collide, causing serious structural damage to the motor. Because repairs can be extremely costly in either case, owners must take care to replace their timing belts on schedule. The timing belt is protected by a metal or plastic guard and usually cannot be checked for wear without a substantial effort.

The accessory belt, also known as the serpentine or drive belt, is easier to check. Responsible for driving components such as the air conditioning compressor and alternator, it often screeches or shows small cracks when it begins to wear out. A good belt can also screech simply due to being loose. Although repairs are less expensive than those involving the timing belt, owners should still check to make sure the belt is tight and in good condition, as a broken belt can not only cause the car to stop but can generate debris that can damage components under the hood.

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