James Batmasian

Community Leader

About James Batmasian

A longtime community activist, James Batmasian has contributed to many local nonprofit, vocational, and charitable programs that help make his community of Boca Raton a better place to live. Although active in many different charitable organizations, James Batmasian is particularly inspired to help the children of his area. He believes that making a financial investment in a young child’s life pays back society as a whole. To that end, Jim Batmasian spearheaded the nonprofit program P.R.O.P.E.L. (People Reading Out to Provide Education and Leadership). This group is dedicated to helping participants become well-rounded individuals who have not only education and job skills, but also an eye for leadership.

A former Boston attorney, Jim Batmasian has found his life’s work as a philanthropist. Since making Boca Raton his home over three decades ago, he not only has created the P.R.O.P.E.L program, but also has offered both his physical and financial support to a number of local causes, including humanitarian charities, medial foundations, and art societies.