James Knight Celotex

Former President of Knight-Celotex James Knight

About James Knight Celotex

James Knight is the former president of Knight Quartz Flooring and Knight-Celotex, divisions of Knight Industries, LLC. Presently, James Knight functions as the president and CEO of Pelletco, LLC, a renewable energy corporation in Orono, Maine.

As the creator of Pelletco, Mr. Knight raised the startup funds, hired the staff, and built a customer base. Additionally, he has formed strategic partnerships with a wide number of businesses, including SGC Engineering and the University of Maine, one of the top research centers of forest products in the continent. Pelletco holds memberships with Renewable Energy Vermont and Biomass Thermal Energy Council.

Possessing extensive experience in sales and business development, James Knight worked as a manager at Apple, Inc., and The Boston Consulting Group. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a master’s degree from Dartmouth College. In his spare time, he enjoys watching hockey and is a supporter of women’s hockey.

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