James Maas

Respected Presenter on Sleep and Performance

About James Maas

Dr. James Maas is an internationally-recognized sleep and performance consultant who leads Sleep for Success as its CEO. He has researched the negative effects of lack of sleep extensively, taking into consideration the latest brain imagery results. Engaging with institutions such as Cornell University, West Point, and The Hotchkiss School, Dr. James Maas has played a vital role in improving athletic and academic performance. He is author of the New York Times business bestseller Power Sleep (Random House and HarperCollins), which has been translated into a dozen languages worldwide.

A respected public presenter, Dr. Maas has designed programs for clients such as Pepsi Cola, Google, Apple, and the World Business Council. He has also spoken before professional societies such as the American Urological Association and the American College of Facial and Plastic Surgeons. Dr. James Maas’ groundbreaking work has generated several hundred articles in the mainstream media and he appears regularly on television shows such as CBS This Morning and the TODAY Show.