James Norrie

Former Corporate Executive, Successful Entreprener

About James Norrie

With a personal mission “to be passionately productive,” Dr. James Norrie is an advocate for individuals, teams, and organizations, teaching others to reach their dreams by accessing their passions. An expert on leadership behavior and team performance, he draws from his experience as a corporate executive and a successful entrepreneur and focuses on organizational alignment through measurement. Dr. James Norrie has given hundreds of keynote addresses, led workshops, and presented at conferences, producing several new keynote topics each year developed from his ongoing research and emerging work.

Dr. James Norrie currently serves as an Associate Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) at Ryerson University in Toronto. Previously, he held the position of Associate Dean at TRSM, as well as teaching. A business consultant through his company e-Venture Consulting, Inc., he also worked as the Executive Director of Strategy & Business Performance at Pitney Bowes of Canada Ltd. Dr. James Norrie has been a frequent commentator and regular panelist on Toronto talk radio station AM640. Additionally, he has a collection of popular and useful videos on a variety of business topics that can be found at Ryerson University’s online business center, StartMeUpRyerson.com.

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