Guiding Atrealty in Gold Coast, Australia

A longtime Gold Coast, Australia, executive, James Taylor leads the online residential real estate platform Atrealty (or @realty). He is passionate about employing next-generation technologies to simplify the real estate search process and ensure that real estate agents earn adequate compensation for their efforts. In addition to Atrealty, James Taylor’s accomplishments through his company 3JL (Qld) Pty. Ltd. include developing a Queensland land portfolio for a prominent Australian residential development firm. Over the past several years, he has also overseen a variety of high-profile property acquisitions, including a Mudgeeraba land parcel that initially had approval for 10 duplexes. He actively engaged with the Gold Coast City Council in the approval process and redesigned lots to allow for 20 single-family homes, adding value to the land.

A civic booster who is proud of the local area in which he resides, Mr. Taylor applauds the way in which the coastal area has expanded beyond roots as a small beachside destination into a vibrant city in its own right. Whenever possible, he takes advantage of the opportunity for outdoor activities in a locale that features 35 miles of coastline and many of the world’s finest surf breaks.