Jamestown, Virgina

5 things to know

1) Jamestown was in Virgina and was the 1st British colony in 1607

2) the mortality rate of Jamestown was high because of disease and starvation. Over 80% of colonists perished in 1607-1610 in a time called "the starving time."

3) founded by the Virgina company of London

4) John Rolfe successfully harvested tobacco, became very wealthy and then married Pocahontas

5) due to the high costs of travel, many Europeans came over as endentured servants.


"Countrymen, the long experience of our late miseries I hope is sufficient to persuade everyone to a present correction of himself," (John Smith)

"he that will not work shall not eat (except by sickness he be disabled). " (John Smith)

The documents - the Virginia charter and the common law

By Sarah White and Henry

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