East Asia project: Pakistan

By: Najila Saenz

Hour 8

-The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad

-population is 196,117,4380 Pakistani

- Governemnt is Federal republic

-Mamnoon HussainPakistan, President

-Economy is the mixed economy

-Currency compared to the U.S. dollar is 102.75 rupees

-GDP per Capita 3,100 U.S. dollars

-Rank in the world GDP 177 US dollars

-Literacy rate 96% to 36%

-Life expectancy male:65years old

Female: 90 years old

-official language: English and Urdo


Tourist attractions

Lake Saiful MulkLake on the north of a mountain, a dis extremely beautiful. You can enjoy the scenery and learn about the glaciers that created the lake.

Concordia, KarakoramOasis for those who adore mountain climbing, and breath taking views. And you are able to view K2 the second most largest mountain in the world.

Karimabad is a little village where you can spend to your hearts desire of handicrafts, carpet, fruit, gemstones, and antiques.

Lake Saiful MulkLake

Concordia, Karakoram


Three historical events in Pakistan

1948 - Muhammed Ali Jinnah, leader of Pakistan, died. And creating the First war with India over the territory of Kashmir.
2006 September - Government signs peace accord to end fighting with Al-Qaeda militants in Waziristan areas close to the Afghan border.
2014 October - Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan, was shot in the head by the Taliban. But survived to help battle for girls' education. As she becomes the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Current events

The law seems to have no help to the dead men. Not a single person has been arrested or prosecuted. Even the police investigators admit they are not even looking for anyone. The uimaginable murders in Pakistan's greatest mystery in decades. A shady gang of serial killers, but the country's powerful military and its intelligent men aren't coming through with their ideas. Anti-Pakistani have begun to control the province. Children in school become more rebellious over singing the national anthem and holding up its flags, women have also joined the fight.

Economic success

I feel that my country s developing its success. T has improved since its begin in, but it is also still being held innovated today. With new leaders, and new tradition Pakistans economic has potential for success.

Company located in Pakistan

Company: shrimp

The shrimp company exports with other countries an increased by 35% this yearm declining with amount of shrimp in the area.

What Pakistan can do to improve

I think that my country could improve their economy, buy opening up more to trade around the whole world. And by making their literacy rate, priority fir their generations. Another thing they could do to improve could be to create more jobs to earn more money and food.

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