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A fly in the soup

The never saw him again
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a Portfolio

You shouldn't buy a fanta.

You should buy a sprite.

You should buy a water.

You should wear make a pumpkin.

You shouldn't wear have a black cat.

You should wear a ghost.

You should have chrips.

You should have popcorn

My Holiday

In the summer 2015 went my family and I to Tyrol. It's was very beautiful and sunny.This day was very hot. In the morning we have got a beautiful breakfast. Then we drived on the mountain. Later we walked a round at the mountain and then we have got lunch. Then we were driving to the hotel. My little brother must sleep some time. My grandma and i were going in a shop and we buyed some ice cream - mhhm yummy, it was very good. In the afternoon come Mum,Dad,Grandpa and my little brother to us and then we drived on the mountain again. We were playing on a big playground . Then we drived to the hotel. At 9 o'clock I,Grandma and Grandpa were go eating ice cream – mmmmhmmmm, it was soooo yummy.

A Dialogue

(I = Inspector, W = Witness)

I: What did you see?

W: I saw a man with a large bag in his hands.

I: What did the man?

W: He threw the bag into the bush over there.

I: And then?

W: Then he walked away.

I:  Did he look nervous?

W: No, he didn't nervous. He looked very calm.

I: Why did you  call the police then ?

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