100 Truths Game

Answer 100 Truths!
First - Copy these categories.
Second - answer all the questions.
Third - Invite 10 people and have them do the same.



1. Last beverage→ Coffee (I'm addicted!)

2. Last phone call--> Lakewood Dog Park (planning a yelp event there!)

3. Last text message→ My good pal Emitch.

4. Last song you listened to β†’ Take U - Jack U & Skrillex

5. Last time you criedβ†’ During the last episode of Orange is the New Black a few weeks ago! πŸ™ˆ


6. Kissed someone & regretted it? β†’ Uh yah.

7. Lost someone special?β†’ yes

8. Been depressed?β†’ not really

9. Made new friends β†’ yes!

10. Fallen out of love β†’ yes

11. Laughed until you cried β†’ omg yes

12. Met someone who changed you β†’ yes!

13. Found out who your true friends were β†’ yes

14. Found out someone was talking about you β†’ yes

15. Kissed anyone on your top friend's list β†’ ha no

16. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life β†’ some some.

17. How many kids do you want to have→ 3

18. Do you have any pets β†’ a puppy named Mojo!

19. Do you want to change your name: No way.

20. What did you do for your last birthday β†’ Brought jello shots to work 😜 and watched the Cavs game in CLE.

21. What time did you wake up today β†’ 8am.

22. What were you doing at midnight last nightβ†’ sleeping 😴

23. Name something you CANNOT wait for β†’ The weekend!

24. Last time you saw your father→ Last Thursday

25. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life β†’ Eat healthier.

26. What are you listening to right now β†’ Bounce it - Juicy J

27. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom β†’ yes!

28. What's getting on your nerves right now? β†’ my AC isn't working.

29. Most visited webpage β†’ Tackk, duh.


40. What's your name→ Jane

41. Nicknames→ Plain Jane, JaneyFries, Jane-o

42. Relationship Status→ Single

43. Zodiac sign β†’ Gemini

44. Male or female or transgendered β†’ female

45. Elementary→ Agnon

46. Middle School β†’ West G

47. High school→ West G

48. Hair color β†’ brown (but have blonde highlights)

49. Long or short β†’ too long, time for a cut!

50. Height β†’ 5"8

51. Do you have a crush on someone? β†’ yep

52: What do you like about yourself? β†’ I mean I'm pretty awesome.

53. Piercings β†’ yes

54. Tattoos β†’ just one - a hibiscus flower on my back.

55. Righty or lefty β†’ righty


56. First surgery β†’ wisdom teeth...ouch

57. First piercing β†’ ears

58. First best friends β†’ @aetaxman

59. First sport you joined β†’ Horseback riding

60. First pet-> kitten

61. First vacation-> Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

62. First concert β†’ Avril Lavigne & Simple Plan!

63. First crush β†’ His name was Nathan in like 2nd grade lol


64. Eating β†’ pasta!

65. Drinking β†’ water

66. I'm about to β†’ Clean my kitchen ugh.

67. Listening to β†’ TV

68. Waiting for β†’ my pasta to cool down.


69. Want kids?β†’ yep!

70. Want to get married?β†’ yep

71. Careers in mind?β†’ Tackk Team allstar! Oh wait.....


72. Lips or eyes β†’ eyes

73. Hugs or kisses β†’ kisses

74. Shorter or taller β†’ taller

75. Older or Younger β†’ older

76. Romantic or spontaneous : Romantic

77. Nice stomach or nice arms β†’ arms

78. Sensitive or loud→ loud

79. Hook-up or relationship β†’ relationship

80. Trouble maker or good-> good


81. Kissed a stranger β†’ yes

82. Drank hard liquor→ yes

83. Lost glasses/contacts→ nope! Don't got 'em

84. Kiss on first date?β†’ depends on how long you've known him before the date.

85. Broken someone's heart β†’ yes #heartbreaker

86. Had your own heart broken β†’ yes

87. Been arrested β†’ nope

88. Turned someone down β†’ yes

89. Cried when someone died β†’ yes

90. Liked a friend that is a girl? β†’ No


91. Yourself β†’ yes

92. Miracles β†’ yes

93. Love at first sight β†’ yes

94. Heaven β†’ who knows!

95. Santa Clause β†’ Ha no.

96. The devil? β†’ I donno paranormal activity reaaallly freaked me out. lol

97. Angels β†’ sure!


98. Is there one person you want to be with right now?β†’ my family!

99. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?β†’ no way!

100. Posting this as 100 Truths?β†’ Yesssir.

Comment Stream

2 years ago

😱 you have a tattoo

2 years ago

@I_Love_Snoopy I do! It looks like this -> 🌺

2 years ago

I thought you didn't 😱 OMG I thought wrong 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @PlainJane am I over reacting OH NO 😭😭😭😭😭😭

2 years ago

@I_Love_Snoopy heheheee..it was my rebel phase for sure. Tattoos are very painful though. I'd stick to the fake press-on ones 😉

2 years ago