Jane Tomlinson

This woman knows how go out with a heart!

After 43 year old Jane Tomlinson found she had terminal cancer, he doctor told her a life shocking statement. The doctor had told her she only has about 7 months left to live. Jane knew that she could still live this 7 months, but how would she use them. She decided to become a hero. Living on the edge Jane Tomlinon decides to ride around the world earning money for charity. Jane had raised over £1.85 million, while her family still raises money for her charity. In June of 2003 she was rewarded a MBE and later made a CBE. Though this wonderful hero died in 2007 she will always be missed, and remembered in the future. Steven Tomlinson his son will be taking his turn on the relay when the torch arrives in Leeds in June, in honor of his wonderful mom, Jane Tomlinson.

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