Jane Hwangbo - Financial Professional in Los Angeles

From a desire to offer a different, more personalized kind of financial service to her clients, Jane Hwangbo founded and works as managing director of Cartography Capital LLC in Los Angeles, California. The finance and wealth management firm was recognized as a Registered Investment Advisor. Jane Hwangbo's work as a financial professional extends to her time spent in New York City, where she served as a research analyst with Moness, Crespi, Hardt and Co., a boutique firm based on Wall Street. While there, she established a technology research practice and shaped an extensive list of contacts for the company in countries such as Korea, Taiwan, and China. Furthermore, she served at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management as a financial advisor.

In addition to fulfilling her clients' needs at Cartography Capital, Jane Hwangbo maintains a strong personal relationship with creating and performing music, an interest she has carried with her since childhood. As a girl, she attended the selective Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles and performed in England with the Colburn Orchestra. In addition, during graduate school Ms. Hwangbo received an opportunity to play in conjunction with Budapest’s Liszt Academy of Music. Dedicated to giving back to her community, she devotes time and resources to the Colburn School of Music.