Drynuary 2015

Why the heck drynuary? There were a lot of reasons I wanted to take this challenge:

  • I wanted to start the New Year off strong to encourage myself to accomplish everything on my 2015 Bucket List
  • My motivation to do drynuary sparked from @Andriatriv's 31 Days of Drynuary
  • I wanted to lose weight, keep my body & mind healthy and I wanted to save money!

Week 1

As a newbie to the whole drynuary experience, I had come to appreciate this concept in my first week. Prior to drynuary, I had definitely overindulged in food and alcohol during the holidays, so it was much needed. The first weekend I had a blast seeing Tom Green live at Hilarities in Cleveland. The rest of the week was very low-key, which helped me get off to a good start.

Week 2

Week 2 was a breeze! I started attending spin class regularly which really helped me stay focused and busy during the week. On the weekend I travelled to Pittsburgh with family and friends for our very close friend's baby shower. No drinking there!

Week 3

For how easy week 2 was, week 3 was surprisingly difficult. The weather in CLE was getting colder and finding sober activities became challenging. On Friday, to celebrate my friend's 25th birthday, we attended the Mickey Avalon show at the Grog Shop to celebrate. Luckily, for my friends, I was able to be the designated driver. It felt good to help them out in that way and it was really nice to know they were all getting home safe. I also saw Interstellar in the OMNIMAX theater, which was an incredible experience (highly recommend it!). Lastly, my mom's band the Blue Drivers had a gig at a bar. Again it was extremely tough to not have 'just a sip'.

Week 4

Boy am I glad week 4 came. It was not easy, but I knew I could do it! I had several Yelp Cleveland events that I worked at during the week as a part of the active event series Yelp Quirks Out, so that helped keep me busy. I think it helped knowing that Saturday night, at midnight, I could finally let loose and have a few drinks with friends.

Prohibition Ends at Last

I honestly learned a lot about myself during this challenge. I enjoyed doing activities that didn't always involve alcohol and I feel like I accomplished so much!

My positive results of drynuary:

  • I lost 8 lbs!!
  • I saved so much $$$.
  • I woke up energetic and motivated every single day.
  • I found fun activities to do in Cleveland that didn't involve drinking.