Music Shuffle Game

How it Works:
1. Put your music player on Shuffle.

2. Press forward for each question.

3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.


4. Tag 5 people in your Tackk.

5. With the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions:


HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? "The High Road" - Broken Bells. This song is so good, definitely describes my mood today.

HOW DO YOUR FRIENDS SEE YOU? "Bass Head" - Bassnectar ...haha guess that means all my friends think I'm a bass head.

WILL YOU GET MARRIED? "Cheers (drink to that)" - Rihanna. I'd say that's a yes.

WHAT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND'S THEME SONG? "Memories" - David Guetta & Kid Cudi. Perfect!! This song def reminds me of my friends so this is perfect.

WHAT IS THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE? "Lean On"- Major Lazer....this song is awesome so I could see it relating to my life.

WHAT IS HIGH SCHOOL LIKE? "Alive" - Krewella - yep this totally works.

HOW CAN YOU GET AHEAD IN LIFE? "Fire Squad" - J Cole. I think that means yes I can!

WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS?  "Pursuit of Happiness" - Kid Cudi. Yep my friends are very happy & motivated.

WHAT IS IN STORE FOR THIS WEEKEND?  "Hey Ya!" - Outkast. That must mean I'll be going dancing ;-)

THE BEST THING TO DESCRIBE YOUR GRANDPARENTS? "Ghost Town" - Adam Lambet. Weird because my gpa's passed away so this song fits well.

HOW IS YOUR LIFE GOING? "Use Somebody" - Kings of Leon. Great song, must mean life is good.

WHAT SONG WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? "Get Low" - Dillon Francis & DJ Snake. It's ganna be a party at my funeral!

HOW DOES THE WORLD SEE YOU? "Clarity" - Zedd. Not sure how this one relates, but I guess they see me as clarity?

WILL YOU HAVE A HAPPY LIFE? "The Matrix" - Bassnectar. This means I have too much bassnectar on my iTunes lol, but yes.


HOW CAN I MAKE MYSELF HAPPY? "Are you in?" - Incubus. YES! This song in general just makes you happy.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE? "Blew" - Nirvana. Hmmm this song doesnt really give me a good direction of where to go in life lol.

WILL YOU EVER HAVE CHILDREN? "So High" - Wiz Kahlifa. Must mean yes?

IF A MAN IN A VAN OFFERED YOU CANDY, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? "Australia" - The Shins. This song means I should take it, obvs.

WHAT IS YOUR DEEP DARK SECRET? "Beyond the gray sky" - 311. Best song ever.

WHAT IS YOUR MORTAL ENEMY'S THEME SONG? "Everything in its right place" - Radiohead. This song works, would be a really cool nemesis theme song.

WHAT IS YOUR PERSONALITY LIKE? "Badfish" - Sublime. Guess I'm a badfish baby!

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