Jan Goldner

Volunteer and Experienced Educator

About Jan Goldner

An independent community volunteer and philanthropist and a former teacher and administratoor, Jan Goldner currently dedicates her time to helping others in need. Jan Goldner donates anonymously to many charitable groups, including the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Alzheimer's Association, and the Humane Society, in addition to organizing independent outreach activities. She has facilitated a school supply drive among local businesses, which in total donated more than 200 backpacks with educational materials for children in need.

Before dedicating herself full-time to volunteering, Jan Goldner served the children of her community as an educator with the Broward County Schools. She entered the system as a teacher of exceptional education students in the third and fourth grades, after which time she became a behavioral specialist at the middle school level. Also experienced as an assistant principal and principal intern through the 12th grade level, she completed her time in the Broward County Schools as a support professional for middle school students with academic and behavioral challenges. Ms. Goldner remains an active supporter of equal opportunities in education and a member of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

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