Stehlik Tech Updates

Training on Monday 1/26 in the LMC during PLC's

All staff members need to attend so that you can see how to access your personal Aldine schoology account for current and future trainings throughout the district. Staff please join Stehlik Intermediates group.

I will be hosting our 1st PD in your PJ's on 1/28/15 at 8pm. This is optional and for those that are interested. All you need is to be a member of the Google Plus community so you can access Google Hangouts. It will be a live video training using the Hangouts, a function of the Google Plus community. You can watch from your computer, apple  or android device as I share my screen to show you various features. You can ask questions during and after the presentation. I personally recommend a computer device connected to a strong network.

How to post to the community, circles,etc?

How to edit your settings for notifications, etc?

Lets share some photos from No Name Calling Week in the Stehlik Google Plus Community under Events. Its great to see what is going on around the campus  and watch everyone get involved. Thanks in advance for all that you do.

Working on a Tech project and need assistance?

If you have an upcoming project you are working on the week of 2/2-2/6 and need assistance please let me know  in advance. I am happy to help out or provide input However, to better assist you I will need info ahead of time to plan accordingly.