My January Cure, in February.

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Happy new year, kids!

My 2014 needed a reboot. So, Feb. 16? It's a new day. That's the nice thing about calendars: a new year can begin at any moment. No random waiting game. Any second is yours to make the most your next day, week, year.

Planning to move Feb. 1, I had intended to apply Apartment Therapy's January Cure to my life in March, once we were settled. Well, it fell through. We're staying put for now. So, let the cure begin.

Not sure about the Cure? Complete with daily to-do lists, reasonable goal-setting and the motivation of live-blogging curists, the January Cure is a monthlong roadmap toward a cleaner, more organized home, which (one hopes) will make a difference in my life overall. I'll be tackking my progress under tag January Cure. So, keep up! Join me, even. It's never too late for your own cure. Start here.

Day 1: Create a Project List

Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014

Touring the apartment, room by room, I noted trouble spots were getting in our way — physically and mentally. Things like the ever-returning pile of shoes in the front closet, no flow in the living room and the "outbox" that's slowly taking over the entire building.

It's tempting to jump in and start cleaning. But the Cure warns against it. (This month will be a lesson in staying on task as much as refreshing life.) Instead, I've highlighted the three things per room to focus on, things that will make a difference, and I've created a projects list of solutions.

Cure Project List 2014


  • Organize shoes, reasonable for two busies who switch shoes, a lot.
  • Create an outbox and landing strip at entry to alleviate clutter of mail, tasks and art at front table.
  • Give coats and bags a place in the closet and a do-not-cross line in the hall.


  • Use entryway landing strip to keep clutter from escaping into kitchen.
  • Organize utility cabinets to make small appliances and plastic containers easy to find, use and put away.

Living Room

  • Decorate it. It's a big, beautiful, but sad room. Art, rug, pillows, etc.
  • Give the room better flow, better user experience. It's not just a play room.
  • Do something with bar space. It's a void.

My Bathroom

  • Clean up bottom cabinet, throw stuff away.
  • Dust the crap out of everything.
  • Buy containers and give places to whatever you don't throw away.

Our Bedroom

  • Rearrange to give the room better flow.
  • Buy new bedding and decorate. Live here.
  • Establish order for processing my laundry and putting away clothes. Buy another dresser already.

Jack's Room

  • Cover open outlet right behind his crib.
  • Hang decor on walls, especially above changing table.
  • Clean storage closet, throw stuff away that's not been touched in a year.