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dust off those Christmas blues with a myriad of Excellent E-Learning Training and Support

It's always hard getting back into the swing of things straight after Christmas. You start to realise that you only have a few months left with your learners.

Take some of the blues away by attending one of our awesome e-learning sessions available throughout January. Check out what we are running below and sign up via iTrent now to make your JanuMerry!

Maximising Moodle

The Maximising Moodle sessions will focus on innovative ways to use the more advanced features of Moodle to engage learners and create innovative Blended Learning opportunities.

Sessions are as follows:

Customising Moodle - This session will focus on a range of techniques that can be used to enhance the look, feel and flow of your Moodle courses to help increase learner engagement.

Using Online Assignments - This session looks at using Online assignments and the Gradebook within Moodle to deliver online Formative and Summative assessments. This can include submitting text based and file based assignments with integrated marking and feedback all within Moodle.

Unlocking Moodle Activities - This session will look at alternative activities in Moodle that can be used to deliver outstanding teaching, learning and assessment both online and in the classroom.

Using Moodle Reports to Track Learning - This session looks at how to generate a range of reports from your Moodle courses. Then learn how to decipher what parts of your course are working well and what needs to improve. Moodle reports are an invaluable way to be able to track, personalise and differentiate learning.

Using Audio & Video on Moodle -This session will focus on how to add Audio and Video to your Moodle pages to add further interactivity to your courses. Media can be a powerful tool for learning if used correctly.

Quick Wins

Quick Wins are sessions designed to give you the knowledge to apply e-learning instantly into your sessions. The hands on sessions will focus on some simple tool that can be highly effective in delivering innovate teaching, learning and assessment.

Sessions are as follows:

Poll EVerywhere - Poll Everywhere is a free online polling tool that allows you to ask quick questions or receive feedback using learners mobile devices and computers. This is an ideal tool to integrate quickly into learning sessions for instant impact.

Socrative - Socrative is an online quizzing tool that can be used in or out of the class. It is very simple to set-up and use and has great analytics to help track learners progress. This session will be a hands on session for creating Socrative quizzes.

Padlet - This session will introduce you to Padlet, an online collaborative board. Padlet can be used in dozens of ways from recording student assessments, providing evaluations or delivering collaborative e-learning. This session will be a practical session where attendees will leave being able to create their own Padlet boards.

Tackk - Tackk is a multipurpose web tool for creating single web pages, posters, interactive leaflets, blogs and much more. Learn how to create a Tackk page to share resources with learners or as a tool for showcasing learner assessments.

Mobile Devices for Learning - This session will focus on supporting attendees to make use of learners own devices for teaching, learning and assessment. Learners will also get hands on with a range of technologies that can be integrated into learning sessions for active e-learning.

QR Codes -This short session will look at how QR codes can be used to energise teaching, learning and assessment. In this session you will have hands on in using and creating your own QR codes with dozens of ideas as to how they can be integrated in your sessions.


We all have our fears and for some that is using technology in teaching. Once you are more confident the benefits can be amazing and it will transform your practice. But...we understand not everyone is confident first time. These bitesize sessions will introduce you to a range of e-learning topics to help ease your fears and empower you to explore further.

Sessions are as follows:

Moodle For Beginners - This session is a light hearted introduction to Moodle and features that can be used to support teaching, learning and assessment.

Embedding E-Learning - This session looks at the basics of E-Learning and what it means to embed e-learning within teaching, learning and assessment sessions. Attendees will leave with ideas to explore and follow up with other Innovate sessions.

What is Blended Learning? - This session will introduce you to a range of resources and information related to Blended Learning. With the college moving towards 10-20% online learning from September 2015 there hasnt been a better time to get up to date information.

What is Social Media? - This session will introduce you to the basics of Social Media and look at sites like Twitter and how they could be used for teaching, learning and assessment.


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