Martial Arts instructor

An instructor that teaches students how to defend themselves from other people who want to hurt them and when and not to defend them selves.

This is instructor that teaches types and styles of different culture and different techniques of self defense like karate, taekwondo, jujitsu those are just some of the types of styles of self defense from other culture. It not just you think of a really cool move that can work when you fight someone its you learn and practice, you need to learn to keep your body under control and have focus all the time. You must learn to protect you self martial was made for defense not for hurting people randomly, so you must learn to focus and you must be able to teach other students techniques properly safely. Also most or all of martial art instructors must be one of the highest ranks(there are different ranks,  or half to be a black belt and half to certified by the head instructor. Then you need to respect the students but you must teach them the skills and moves to defend them selves.

What Do they Do?

Tech Skills

You will need to know how to work a phone because people will call in and say that there kid is new and help them with the class and help them make new friends. Another thing they will half to learn is how to use a computer because they will half to know when some one wants to register online.

My Instructor and Friends and me after class taking a picture of our tournament medals :)

(Can you find me? :)

What is the Purpose?

A martial arts instructor teaches people all aspects of a martial art, from tactics, self-defense and physical conditioning, to philosophy, history and decorum. Also they teach self discipline and how to respect yourself and others of different age, different styles of different countries.


Your duties will half to be showing up on time and teaching with self control. Also you will need to keep up your own training and learning from others instead of saying you know everything because you are an instructor.

Contact information

For more information call

605-619- 7000




Must be 18 years or older (have an ongoing education)

Must have a 1st degree black belt

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