Who Am I?

Hi My name is Dallana Cruz I am a Student at Canutillo High School and I am 15 Years old. My life is Joy full Because i have God on my Hearth.

Jesus Loves You

Wen I see the sun coming out on the morning i give thanks to the lord that gave me a life that i can see,hear,smell,think,eat because theirs people that don't or cant do all that.

My Goal

To become a teacher. I like to work with small children because they are more fun that the young ones.


I like pandas

I sometimes i am lazy as a panda.

I like animals But a really love dogs.


I don't like spiders because they are scary and because they are everywhere.

I just don't like snakes.


I like to listing to all music but me favorite music is Christian Music.

I like For King and Country.

For King and Country "Without You"

I will like to travel to?

Colton Dixon More Of You


Daniel Calveti Mi Historia De Amor



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3 years ago

I love pandas too!!

a year ago

😍 Jesus because he loves us and made pandas lol