My Moral Code Assignment

My personal Ideas and what I believe

Question #1: What are your ideals, and principles by which you live?

The ideals, and principles that I live by right now are mostly focused on school. I believe that school is what is really setting us up for our lives and it effect how we are going to live it. If we don’t try in school we are never going to get a successful job. My other principles that I live by are my friendships and others around me. I believe that you should always like a person until they give you a reason not to, not to just judge a person by how they look or act. Try to be nice to as many people as possible especially with the society we live in today where depression is the new trend and you never know how bad or good a persons life can be until you know them.

Question #2: What are the sources of your laws of life (reading, life experience, religion, culture, role models, etc. )?

The sources of my laws of life are basically the same as the laws for our lives today. I try to do everything possible to help others before myself. I may not be religious but I do believe in many of the catholic beliefs. For books I love to read John Green books which in a way do effect me with great quotes to remember such as “You do not know happiness without pain.” This quote helped me understand why god puts pain and sorrow in our world. I am Italian which means I have strong Catholics in my family but for my beliefs I do believe in God but I don’t agree with public worship. I feel that your belief should be a personal thing and that by doing that it will bring us closer to god.

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