Jared Namm

Distinguished Attorney and Dedicated Philanthropist

About Jared Namm

A graduate of Tulane University and the University of Miami, Jared Namm balances a busy career as an attorney with a commitment to charities and nonprofit groups. Recently, he participated in Read for the Record, an initiative sponsored by the nonprofit group Jumpstart. As a volunteer with the program, Namm traveled to several schools in the Miami area to read in classrooms. In addition to his work with Jumpstart, Jared Namm contributed to the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s (MDA) Lock-Up fundraising event. Held throughout the year, these events raise funds by "locking up" community and business leaders in local jails. In order to be released, participants must raise bail money, which is then donated to the MDA.

Professionally, Jared Namm has spent more than a decade as an attorney and corporate counsel for prominent companies and legal firms in the Miami area. He began his career as an attorney with Michael H. Lax, P.A., before joining the Law Offices of George M. Tavares, Jr., in Miami Beach. After serving as corporate counsel for companies such as Office Depot and Spanish Broadcasting System, Jared Namm opened his own firm in 2013.

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