by: Jarvis White

why is it the best?

Buddhism is the best because it was founded in 528b.c. They also had the four noble truths and they all deal with suffering. It also states that once you  overcome suffering you can achieve nirvana. Buddhism has the eight fold path. It gives you the right views, thought, action, effort, livelihood, speech, mindfulness, and meditation. This is based on non-violence and kindness. Buddhism had spread between 322-298 b.c. thanks to Ashoka who sent hundreds of missionaries to spread the word.
I had a lot of questions about can Hindus convert to Buddhism.

When I did a little research I found out that this man called Gautam Buddha was Hindu. Then he changed to Buddhism.

The reason you should change because this man named Gautam Buddha he was a Hindu for a while then he wanted to change to Buddha and he did. They also have a way for you to be relived from stress. The Four Nobles Truth is kinda awkward but you might like them.

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