Sofia's Journey

Secrets In the Fire (Characters)

In this book Sofia's Life was full of greif after her sister died, she had many ups and downs, she struggled with losing her legs but being brave she went on and continued.


Maria was Sofia’s sister and Lydia’s daughter. They were very close to each other they, Sofia was one year older. Sofia and Maria would always get compliments on how they looked so alike, they were inseparable. Sofia even made a dress for her. They were always told to stay on the paths that were made, they played a new game and accidentally went off the path, a mine had exploded they had been blown up body torn apart, but Sofia's injuries were not as severe as Maria’s. Later in the Hospital Maria had Passed away, Sofia was devastated she didn’t know how to feel.Sofia had lost her best friend, her sister.

Lydia is a mother to Sofia, Maria and Little Alfredo, Lydia’s life has had many ups and downs since Hapakatanda’s Death since they had to move they had to start again. When Sofia and Maria were in Hospital, Lydia didn’t want to see them suffer, When Sofia hadn’t seen Lydia for a while Lydia was happy when she traveled to come see her, Lydia had married a new man called Isais, he was very mean because he was always drunk and he scared Alfredo, Lydia and Sofia a lot.

Muazena was the Village’s wise lady, she taught Sofia and Maria about The Secrets in the Fire , she helped Sofia overcome what she had been through and helped her realise what the secrets in the fire held, She was killed in the Bandits attack.

Hapakatanda was Sofia and maria’s Father they loved him dearly and couldn’t bear to lose him, he was also taken by the bandits aswell as their dogs.

Hortensia was Sofia Temporary replacement for maria even though she would never replace her, they liked the fact that they could train together and walk together for the first weeks of walking again, they shared a lot in common they didn’t like talking about when they would be separated, but then Hortensia left she didn’t get to say a proper goodbye, she just left, sofia had lost another one of her closest friends it reminded her of when she had lost Maria.

Docter Raul had been a life saver to sofia, he had saved her life and also had given really good advice, when everyone doubted that sofia would not live Docter Raul had hope for her. He even took her home when she was distressed about what to do.

Sofia has a lot to go through during the time of the story. Her family had to move when her father died from the bandits, Sofia remembers an old wise lady who used to tell Maria and Sofia about the secrets in the fire, Sofia looks into the fire often and sometimes she sees her father. One of her many tough times was when she had to learn to walk again, she struggled and it hurts but she realised it was for the better.

By Jasmine McMullan 8R

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