Jasmine Miller-Morison Mesopotamia

Three aspects that prove that Mesopotamia was advanced are that they invented the plow, created cuneiform, and developed irrigation.

The plow was invented in 3000 BC, and it was made of a sharp point of timber projecting downwards at the end of a long handle. This invention made Mesopotamia advanced because they helped the farmers turn the dry soil over, so that way the soil is ready for the seeds to be planted.

Cuneiform was developed in 3500-3000 BC, and it was the very first system of writing. They used a clay tablet and a wedge-shaped stylus to write on and, they used pictographs for the words. This development was advanced because it was a brand new way to communicate.

Irrigation was developed in 6000 BC, and it was made of large storage basins and canals. This invention was advanced because