Based Automotive and Motorsport Professional Jason Altzman

Phoenix, Arizona, resident Jason Altzman is a motorsport and automotive industry professional who advocates for “green racing” and was part of the team that won the 2010 Edison Award. With experience in racing sponsorships, fundraising, and strategic marketing, Jason Altzman offers his clients large-scale logistical coordination and event management.

A former International Motorsport competitor, Altzman was a sponsorship marketer and vitesse driver for the American Le Mans Series. In this role, he drove American Le Mans Series guests around the countries greatest circuits, emphasizing automotive relativity and the transfer of technology from race car to production car. As a consultant to various automotive manufacturers over the last 20 years, he has served as a keynote speaker and contributed to some of the industry’s most efficient enterprises.

Today, Altzman is the managing principal of Aero Marketing Group. He and his associates assist clients in optimizing specialty events through consumer engagement, product launches, business reward programs, and program enhancement.

Outside of Aero Marketing, Jason Altzman enjoys snowboarding, cooking, and reading the work of Ben Mezrich.