Jason Ewert - Even Critters Need a Home

Animals all over the United States are lost or without a place to call home. Cats and dogs all across the US have a beautiful opportunity to have a home. Unfortunately, there aren't enough people who consider just going to an animal shelter and adopt a needy pet. It would be joyous to see people take part in the social change to adopt pets versus buy them at the pet store. Sad statistics points to nine out of every ten dogs born will ever find a permanent home. The alarming number that enters animal shelters all across the country is 7.6 million pets, and strays have been captured and put into shelters every year. Staggering is the 2.7 million dogs and cats that are euthanized annually because there just isn't enough room at shelters and lack of participation from adoptive homes. Many argue that the reason many animals are purchased at pet stores is the public's need for purebred pets. In particular this would be common for dogs and cats. Campaigns all across the country have brought a successful response to address this problem. It is to the interest of the participants to make sure that when they work with certain affiliations and groups for the better of animals that there is some shelter program affiliated. Another great way to help shelter save money in costs is charity fundraisers. Essential funds are always welcome as programs go through money quite quickly for animal goods. Some people take the time to volunteer like Jason Ewert. He will go out of his way to help start campaigns and get volunteers to work at the kennels when possible.

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Jason Ewert

Helping the Needy Get Deposit Money

Recent studies around the United States found that a majority of low-income families find themselves temporarily homeless due to the lack of security deposits for a new home. It is said without a reliable and consistent economy families find themselves struggling just to make a rent payment. Due to high interest and previous situations struggling with credit payoffs, many of these families are in dire straits to put together the rent money they would owe. One of the main issues that low-income families face is having to relocate without enough deposit money. Lack of funds can result in family struggling and splitting temporarily to maintain their very low-income jobs. It creates a very high-stress environment for children and parents alike. Many see this as an all-time issue in many of the homes that struggle. There is a great burden placed upon parents in a household who work but just do not have the consistent or beneficial income to supply a savings or checking account to move when necessary. There are more households than ever that struggle at maintaining accounts. There is much chaos and mistrust between couples that go through these situations. Many times these marriages seem to fail, and the children are the ones that have to deal with even more burden while growing up alone. The age of the single income family due to divorce has become a bigger than life issue in the United States. Jason Ewert volunteers at many centers and programs to help families put together potential plans through various donation charities and business options to make extra money.

Jason Ewert

The Condition of Real Estate Today

The real estate profession has always drawn ambitious men and women with a flair for entrepreneurship. With the nation’s economy making a comeback, the field has seen strong indicators of growth that has improved the employment rate and raised the demand for housing. For this reason, many have considered entering this booming industry in an attempt to generate a profit and make a living. There has never been a better time to do it than recently. The National Association of Home Builders believes the new 2015 family home sector will do much better than the previous one in 2014. Although this can be a gamble or guess, sustained growth throughout the years has shown the industry continues to improve despite the fact mortgage rates are expected to rise by 2%.

Thanks to an improvement in the economy, an increase in the amount of jobs, and more expendable income available to the average family, properties and homes have experienced an increase in demand. This is a result of more capital being available for high-end purchases, as well as a timing that occurs when the bulk of the American population is entering their home-buying years. Thanks to this rare climate, the real estate industry is booming, and there has never been a better time to start investing in it.

Jason Ewert was a professional real estate agent who agrees that now is a great time to be in the industry.

Jason Ewert

How to Be a Better Realtor - Selling in the Spring

Real estate is a field that has been around for nearly as long as man itself. Shelter is one of humans’ basic needs. This has created job security for realtors in the field, but being successful and turning a good steady profit is not the same as surviving in the industry. Often the difference between merely surviving and thriving in the field boils down to knowing distinct tricks of the trade that offer an advantage. One of these tricks is to learn how to sell a home based on the season you are selling in. While home buying and selling is an all-year affair, you can certainly offer a competitive edge by knowing how to use each season to your advantage. One of the best times to sell homes is in the spring, as the mild and pleasant weather keeps buyers comfortable and makes the lawn and property look great.

When selling in the spring, be sure to play to the season’s strengths with your home. Decorating the inside with fresh-cut flowers or arranging candles will bring about a fresh scent inside. Also be sure to do spring cleaning, as the spirit of spring is renewal. Using bright and vibrant colors on the linens, pillows, couch covers, and drapes will make the inside feel as great as the outside.

Jason Ewert was a real estate agent who always said that selling by season is an expert trick of the industry.

Jason Ewert

Tricks to be a better Realtor - Do Thorough Research

Any experienced realtor knows the real estate industry can be a tricky and perilous field, one that requires a savvy and sharp mind to turn a consistent profit. The reason the real estate industry is so difficult is because it requires a level of effort and understanding most people aren’t willing sacrifice. Details like the altitude of a home or property can significantly affect its value. Other things like the climate of the economy, the state of a local business, or the charm of a neighbor can vastly improve or devalue a property. It becomes very important for people looking to invest in property to always do thorough research that doesn’t just involve the property or home, but the outlying region as well.

A good buyer in the real estate world is one who is not afraid to dig a little deeper in order to find out every detail about a property. An experienced realtor will also be able to distinguish what a good sign or bad sign is for a property. A bad sign includes things like neighborhoods being converted into rentals. This could be a sign of a local business struggling or relocating, or the fact there are many other homes up for sale on the block. These are all bad indicators. Good indicators for a property include high demand schools, young families, and older couples nearby that have been there for generations.

Jason Ewert was a professional real estate agent who always thoroughly researched a property before buying.

Jason Ewert

Tips for the Successful Realtor - Be Flexible

In the world of real estate, only the strongest realtors with the most business savvy can survive. The reason real estate is such a competitive industry is anybody with a bit of capital or a good credit can enter the field. This is why it is important to give yourself a competitive edge by doing due diligence. One of the best qualities for a realtor is to be flexible and adaptive during the negotiation period. What this means is not letting your ego get in the way of losing a sale to a buyer over a few thousand dollars. Sometimes all a buyer wants is to be able to tell friends and family they haggled $5,000.00 or $10,000.00 off the asking price of a home. This may seem like a lot of money. When you consider the cost of a home, interest, private mortgage insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes, this becomes a marginal amount of money you will be losing. As long as you are making a profit of at least 20%, you should never worry about letting a house go for a little less than the original asking price.

It is important to be open to negotiations and haggling, as buyers want to feel like they have the upper hand. You should allow them to feel this way, as it will lock in the sale and you will profit regardless.

Jason Ewert was a professional real estate agent who said you should always be willing to negotiate with a serious potential buyer.

Jason Ewert

Jason Ewert - Using Social Media for Business

The Internet has revolutionized the real estate industry, both in terms of marketing and communicating with clients. Jason Ewert understood the importance of realtors keeping up with the latest technology. He placed a particular focus on maintaining a social media presence for a number of reasons.

Direct Line to Customers

The biggest advantage that social media offers to any business is a direct line to the customer. It allows a business to gain feedback from people who have used a service or product, which in turn enables the business to adjust a business model accordingly.


While it is important to have a website that is marketed effectively, social media offers the business owner the chance to be exposed to an enormous amount of regular users. At the time of writing, Facebook currently has more than 1 billion active users. It would be wise for a business to do everything to target this audience.

Sharing Information

One of the key things any business should do is establish themselves as an expert in their field. This is particularly true for realtors, as potential clients will be looking to work with somebody who is knowledgeable and is able to work in their best interests. Jason Ewert understood social media offered the opportunity to share content instantly and have it seen by a large audience. Providing valuable content will make users more likely to trust you as an expert.

Jason Ewert - Working In Real Estate

There are many reasons why somebody likes to work in real estate, but a lot of people are unsure how to go about entering the industry. As a long-standing professional, Jason Ewert is able to offer advice to others about what they need to do to begin a career in real estate.


While each state has different requirements when it comes to obtaining a real estate license, one will need to put time into education. Some states ask for a set number of hours of education, whereas others have a number of courses that need to be passed. Speak to the real estate commission in the state you live in to discover what education is needed before applying for a real estate license.

Applying For the License

Each state has a different exam that needs to be passed before one can obtain a real estate license. Furthermore, one will also be required to take a national exam in addition to submitting to a criminal background check. Be aware there is a fee to take these tests, which is usually around the $200-300 mark.

Becoming a Realtor

Though one is not required to become a realtor once a license is obtained, it is a good idea to make the effort to become a member of the National Association of Realtors. By doing so, one will be asked to abide by a code of ethics relating to the business. Jason Ewert discovered this as an excellent way to demonstrate how to act in the best interests of potential clients.

As a realtor who worked in the industry for many years, Jason Ewert came to understand how to talk to potential clients in order ensure they were confident in his abilities. He believed communication was key in the real estate industry and knew a successful professional needed to understand how to talk to clients.

First, it is important to remember that your clients will not often possess the expertise that you have. You should be wary of using too much industry jargon around them. If you do have to use a term that is rare outside of real estate, be sure to take the time to explain what it means to the client rather than leaving them confused.

Furthermore, you should always be honest in what you say. If the client has a question and you are uncertain about the answer, tell them that you will find out for them instead of trying to lead them away from the subject. Additionally, you should not be scared to tell them things they don’t necessarily want to hear. Your job is to act in their best interests rather than promise them something you know is not achievable.

Finally, Jason Ewert has come to understand the manner in which you express yourself also makes a difference. Make sure to approach your clients with a smile on your face and maintain an air of positivity throughout the entire meeting. Make use of non-verbal cues to demonstrate your level of confidence in your own abilities and do everything you can to make them feel at ease when speaking to you.

Jason Ewert - Speaking to Clients

Jason Ewert

Jason Ewert - Benefits Of Hiring A Realtor

If you are selling a property, it can often be tempting to go it alone in order to avoid the costs associated with hiring a professional. While Jason Ewert would never discourage anybody from doing this if they believe it is right for them, it is also important to point out the benefits that you receive when working with a realtor.


The property market can be extremely difficult at times. There is a lot of paperwork involved and many issues that need to be handled in order to conduct a successful transaction. A realtor will have experience in all of these processes, and will be able to ensure that they are carried out as efficiently as possible.


Determining the correct valuation for a property can often be a tricky task. Pricing too high could price the property out of the market, whereas pricing too low could result in you making less than you should from the sale. Because a realtor is duty-bound to act in your best interests, they will be able to determine a valuation that is fair and viable given the current condition of the market.


A realtor is able to remove their emotions from the process of buying a home. This means their work will not be clouded by sentimentality. Jason Ewert believes this is important as it allows for realtors to offer more honesty in regards to the sale. This also serves as a powerful tool for negotiating, as a level head can be kept during difficult situations.

Jason Ewert