Why I think Canada the greatest country to live in?


In this tackk I will be explaining why I think Canada is the greatest country to live in using the facts from Changing populations, Interactions in the Physical Environment, Managing Canada's resources & Industries, Liveable Communities. This tackk will be consisted with information that I have learned in my Geography class.

Changing population

In Canada the population of Canada is always changing because of the amount of immigrants that move to Canada because of our great pull factors like there is education for children to learn how to read and write, there are also homes for people to move in. Canada also has a great economy it may be the best one of the best in the world. There are also of job opportunities to help you provide yourself with the basic needs to survive. And the best pull factor is, that in Canada the population is all bicultural. These pull factors attract many more people than other countries, people may have certain push factors making them want to move or leave that home such as, war, poverty, economy, land, food/water, population density.

Interactions in the
Physical Environment

The landform regions in Canada are really great there are 7 in total, Innuitian region, Atric Lowlands, Canadian Shield, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Cordilleran region, Interior Plains, St, Lawrence Lowlands Appalachian Region, all having a different aspect to them making each one unique and also having their own way to provide recreation for the land. In the Physical Environments there are great climates depending on the location and where the region is making Canada have a big variety on choosing where to live. The region southeastern/montreal has the best climate because the perception and the climate is neutral in the winter the climate does not go super cold and there is still perception and in the summer the climate is 22c max and the perception slowly increases from spring.

Managing Canada's
Resources & Industries

There are 5 major Resources and industries that we have farming, fishing, mining, forests, energy, these 5 industries all have a way that they can be effected in a bad way by humans and a good way but in Canada industries have tried to manage problems within each resource making Canada better that most other countries. They also might be able to make our resources last longer in the few years.

Liveable Communities

Canada has already started on ways to make a better community with more pull factors and a more suitable place for immigrants to live in rather than a place that has a lot of push factors that wouldn't be suitable with them. Like building more houses in a better way allowing more people to live in a region like having split houses it allows 1 family to live on one half of the house and another family to live on the other half creating a split house allowing more people into the community.