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Paralegal at Argus Technical Services

About Jason Fitzgerald Korb

A legal professional, Jason Fitzgerald Korb, J.D., has been admitted to the bar in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. At this temp-to-perm staffing agency Jason Fitzgerald Korb has assisted in a variety of discrimination and disability claims while fulfilling numerous other responsibilities including temporary staffing employment contract review. Over the past five years, he has also served as a Law Clerk for the City of Minneapolis Attorney's Office and for the Minnesota branch of the American Civil Liberties Union. Furthermore, Jason Korb interned at the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and at the office of Judge Kerry Meyer of Minneapolis, Minnesota's juvenile court.

In his new Flagstaff, AZ home, Jason Korb enjoys writing, reading, weightlifting, and spending time with his loving wife, Cora. He also devotes significant time to volunteerism. When he graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School, he had completed more volunteer hours than any of his fellow cohorts. Before enrolling at the University of Minnesota, he received his undergraduate degree in business administration and management from Boston University.

Long’s Peak - Highest Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

A juris doctorate graduate of the University of Minnesota, Jason Fitzgerald Korb has worked as a law clerk for various Minnesota practices and as a judicial intern for a juvenile court judge. Outside of his legal work i, Jason Fitzgerald Korb enjoys mountain climbing and taking on challenges such as Long’s Peak in Colorado.

Long’s Peak stands at over 14,000 feet in elevation, the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Considered the monarch of the Front Range and northern Colorado, it attracts thousands of climbers every year, and summer visitors often find themselves making the trek alongside more than 100 other climbers. In addition, the peak’s Keyhole Route is the most traversed fourteener route in the state.

Although climbing Long’s Peak can be an exhilarating experience, climbers need to take precautions due to the potential dangers posed by its narrow ledges, steep cliffs, and unpredictable weather. Even during the summer season, the mountain’s climate can shift to winter conditions that introduce lightning storms, snow, and patches of ice to the climb. In order to reduce the risk of accidents, climbers are advised to avoid solo climbing, pay attention to signs of altitude sickness, and practice good judgment regarding weather conditions and individual stamina.

The Rocky Mountain National Park Service also advises climbers to bring lots of water, a first aid kit, and proper climbing equipment. Layers of clothing are required, in addition to sturdy boots, gloves, and hats. Other helpful items include sunscreen, topographic maps or compasses, flashlights, and storm gear appropriate for snow, high winds, and rain.

Tips to Ensure Safety While Scaling Longs Peak

Most recently serving as a law clerk at the Argus Technical Services Corporate Attorney’s Office, Jason Fitzgerald Korb holds a juris doctor from the University of Minnesota and licensure to practice law in Washington, DC. In his spare time, Jason Korb enjoys mountain climbing and has scaled Longs Peak.

Located in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak reaches 14,259 feet at its summit. Individuals looking to reach its peak must take the Keyhole Route, which involves climbing sheer vertical rock faces, steep cliffs, and narrow ledges. Loose rocks also pose a challenge for many climbers.

To ensure the safety of mountaineers, the Nation Park Service (NPS) recommends all climbers adorn shoes with treaded soles and ankle support. Layered clothing that can withstand a variety weather conditions, such as windproof jackets and insulated attire, is also advised. Climbers should pack a minimum of 3 quarts of water to sustain their trip as well as stay fueled throughout their expedition. The NPS also suggests mountaineers consume food prior to and after their trip. High-energy foods and salty snacks work best. The latter helps sustain electrolyte levels.

The Best Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Stress

An experienced legal professional, Jason Fitzgerald Korb most recently served as a law clerk with the Argus Technical Services Corporate Attorney’s Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before relocating to Washington, DC. Outside of his professional pursuits, Jason Fitzgerald Korb manages his stress through yoga.

Yoga promotes stress relief in a number of ways such as helping you sleep better, promoting better breathing, and facilitating good mindfulness. Whether you participate in a studio or in the comfort of your own home, you can use a variety of yoga poses to help reduce your stress levels.

Bridge Pose
When forming this pose, you should prop yourself up by your upper arms and feet, creating a “bridge” with your body. This method does not only relieve stress, but it also helps with back pain and overall fatigue.

Pond Pose
If your anxiety levels are too high, you may unknowingly tighten your diaphragm throughout the day. The pond pose helps you stretch your entire body while laying down, which opens up your abdomen and allows for easier breathing.

Eagle Pose
This pose calls you to balance on one leg while locking it with the other and twisting your arms together in front of you. A bent position, it helps release stress by helping heighten your concentration and expanding your back area.

Tips and Advice for Climbing Longs Peak in Colorado

Jason Fitzgerald Korb of Washington, DC, obtained his juris doctorate from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. He was admitted to the Washington, DC, bar in 2013. As a young professional, Jason Fitzgerald Korb takes part in a number of physical activities, including mountain climbing. For example, he has climbed Longs Peak in Colorado.

Longs Peak is located in the Rocky Mountain National Park. At 14,259 feet above sea level, the peak belongs to a group classification known as the 14ers. With its breathtaking view from the summit and other locations on the way up, it’s a popular climbing destination. Thousands of people reach the summit every year.

The best time to climb is when there is the least amount of snow and ice, which is from mid-July to mid-September. The most popular way to reach the top is through the Keyhole Route. It is about a 16-mile roundtrip and takes anywhere from 10 to 15 hours. People start their ascent at 1 a.m. or 2 a.m., with the latest advised at 6 a.m.

Reaching the top is more than a hike because there are some portions where the hiker must be on all fours. It is advised to climb in groups. Always consider turning around if conditions become difficult; bad weather can quickly set in. People have died both climbing Longs Peak and on the way back down. This is due to fatigue as well as complacency, thinking that they have overcome the hardest part.

Kickball Is Now a Popular Adult Sport

Jason Fitzgerald Korb is a cum laude graduate from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Law School, with bar licenses to practice in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Washington, DC. With an undergraduate degree with a dual emphasis in finance/economics and entrepreneurship, he has served as a law clerk for Argus Technical Services and for the ACLU in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A resident of Washington DC, Jason Fitzgerald Korb enjoys his summer evenings playing in an adult kickball league.

Kickball, a game everyone played in elementary school, is becoming popular among adults across the country. Kickball leagues have sprung up in all major cities in the US, and the number of people playing the game grows every year.

Played mostly for a fun throwback to childhood and as a way to make new friends, the reasons for kickball’s newfound popularity are not difficult to fathom. The game requires no equipment other than a ball, and the atmosphere is friendly, coed, and just for fun. The game is also an equalizer when it comes to athletic prowess. Even the best players have trouble kicking the ball past an outfielder, and no one can really throw a kickball very well. Add to this the reduced risk of injury over sports like softball, and even those who haven’t done much in the way of physical activity can be inspired to get out and play.

The games typically last for 45-60 minutes, after which the social activities begin, which typically result in the teams going to a local pub for socializing and refreshments.

Climbers Can Improve Athletic Performance with Gym Workouts

Jason Fitzgerald Korb, currently residing in Washington, DC, received his Juris Doctor degree from the Twin Cities Law School at the University of Minnesota. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Jason Fitzgerald Korb enjoys mountain climbing and weightlifting.

The common belief of experienced mountaineers is that the best way to train for climbing is to climb. While this may be true, athletic trainers agree that some degree of additional training can be helpful for mountain climbers in improving their strength and endurance. In addition, gym training is an essential component in helping climbers improve their overall fitness, thus preventing injuries that can occur due to the muscle imbalance that results from climbing alone.

Mountain climbing is an extremely demanding sport that requires a great deal of power and mental toughness. Climbers can embark on gym training workouts that hone these qualities without adding unnecessary and unwanted weight gain due to increased muscle mass.

Trainers suggest that climbers work on improving their overall fitness levels by simultaneously focusing on strength, explosive power, and endurance. When mountaineers include gym workouts into their climbing routines, they can dramatically improve their performance on the mountain.

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