Jason Jantz

British Columbia-Based Marketing Professional

About Jason Jantz

Marketing executive Jason Jantz began providing business-to-business call center solutions to small companies in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2005. He currently directs one of Vancouver’s largest inbound-outbound call centers serving small- to mid-sized business clients from multiple industries, particularly the insurance sector. Jason Jantz and his team specialize in helping companies increase their bottom lines through innovative marketing strategies that deliver quality customer service and that inform consumers of clients’ unique products and services.

A multifaceted entrepreneur, Jason Jantz studied at the British Columbia Institute of Technology before founding his company. His professional background in contact center management includes implementation and management of localized and toll-free customer service operations, live web chat activities, appointment booking, and timeshare scheduling. He also specializes in setting up and overseeing complex e-commerce programs, live-manned 24-7 helpdesk centers, and emergency response initiatives.

Outside of the office, Jason Jantz actively participates in professional groups. He currently belongs to the Direct Marketing Association and the British Columbia Contact Centre Association.

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