Jason Paul Charvat - Delivering Quality Projects

Jason Paul Charvat is a highly qualified and trained IT project, program and portfolio executive who possesses a number of significant certifications in project and business management. He is a Global PMO Delivery Leader and Director at Johnson & Johnson, an organization he has worked for since 2003. On a consistent basis, Charvat demonstrated an ability to plan and execute projects and programs that are timely, high-quality, and within the allotted budget.

In his career at Johnson & Johnson, specifically the Infrastructure, Corporate and Medical Device division, Jason Paul Charvat has deployed more than 135 projects – with a 95 percent rate. Both the organization and its clients are more than pleased with Charvat’s work, and repeatedly engage him for his ability to collaborate and lead diverse global teams.

For Jason Paul Charvat, the motivating factor to his high success rate is a desire to keep his IT solutions – be it either PMO, Programs or projects - running within the stated parameters of time, cost and quality. In project management literature, these three aspects are recognized as the most visible on any project. So while keeping an eye on other project aspects, Charvat has made it a priority to ensure that all his initiatives met the expected standards. The success rate is notable considering on a global level, many IT-related projects are known to be delayed due to excessive scope creep, poorly defined requirements or even poor testing and thereby failing to meet customer expectations.

Years of experience utilizing Agile, Waterfall and bespoke solution delivery methodologies has enabled him to undertake and be invited back to the table to deliver IT and business solutions for his customers.

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